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核心提示:Ⅰ.单项填空1.I recommended ________ an EnglishChinese dictionary,which I thought would be of great help to his studies.


1.I recommended ________ an EnglishChinese dictionary,which I thought would be of great help to his studies.

A.buying B.bought

C.to buy D.he bought

答案与分析:A recommed doing sth 或recommenedsbdo sth。

2.I ________ to be quite afraid to live in that city,but now I have ________ to the life there.

A.used; been used B.used; used

C.was used; got used D.got used; been used


3.I've heard ________ that Elizabeth is a tough businesswoman.

A.it B.her

C.what D.that


4.—It's the second time that I ________ to Shanghai.

—What great changes!It's ten years since I ________ it last time.

A.have been; left B.had been; left

C.am; had left D.come; had left


5.—Could I get something to drink?


A.be home yourself B.make yourself at home

C.you could of course D.you're requested


6.We tried our best to make our garden ________ its surroundings.

A.fit in B.fit in with

C.fit up with D.to fit in with

答案与分析:B make 后的不定式作宾补不带to;fit in with与……相适应。

7.After arriving in New York,the Chinese college student found it rather hard to ________ living on his own.

A.rely on B.bring up

C.depend on D.adjust to


8.Jonathan received a promotion to the role of assistant manager and is the youngest person to ________ that post in this international company.

A.adopt B.seek

C.occupy D.abandon

答案与分析:C occupy“占据”符合题意。adopt“领养”;seek“找寻”;abandon“抛弃”。

9.Since his retirement,having a walk along the river after supper has become part of his daily ________.

A.tradition B.custom

C.convention D.routine

答案与分析:D 天天晚饭后沿着河边散步对他而言已是惯例,routine“常规,惯例”。tradition“传统”;custom“习惯;风俗”;convention“协定;约定”。

10.His long service with the company was ________ with a present.

A.admitted B.acknowledged

C.attributed D.accepted

答案与分析:B acknowledge“承认;答谢”。admit“承认”;attribute“觉得;归因于”;accept“同意”。

11.If we can ________ this speed,we should arrive there in about two days.

A.keep up B.keep on

C.keep to D.put up

答案与分析:A keep up“维持;坚持”。

12.I'm very glad that you come and see our new house when we have settled ________.

A.in B.to

C.down D.on

答案与分析:A 依据题意应为“搬进新居后安顿下来”。

13.I don't care what you think.________ I am concerned,what they did was wrong.

A.As well as B.As far as

C.As much as D.As often as

答案与分析:B as far as sb.be concerned“就某人而言”,为固定搭配。

14.The old computer doesn't work.We must ________ a new one for it.

A.replace B.instead of

C.substitute D.take the place of

答案与分析:C 依据电脑坏了可推断,“大家换一台新的”,故用substitute“用……代替”;若用replace则应表达为replace it with a new one。

15.Sending Sandra a letter was ________,because her husband might intercept it.

A.out of question B.out of the question

C.in question D.of question

答案与分析:B 从because her husband might interceptit.来看,“给Sandra送信是不可能的”,故用out of the question。句意:给桑德拉寄一封信是不可能的,由于她的老公可能会给截取。out of question“的确,毫无疑问,肯定,当然”;in question“在议论中,在谈论中”。


One windy spring day,I observed young people having fun flying their kites.Multicolored creations,various shapes and sizes __1__ the skies like beautiful birds darting and dancing.As the strong wind blew against the kites,a __2__ kept them in check.

Instead of blowing away with the wind,they arose against it to achieve great __3__.They shook and pulled,but the restraining string and the cumbersome tail kept them in tow,facing __4__ and against the wind.__5__ the kites struggled and __6__ against the string,they seemed to be saying,“Let me go!Let me go!I want to be __7__!”They soared __8__ even as they fought the control of the string.__9__,one of the kites __10__ in breaking loose from it.“Free at last,”it seemed to say,“Free to fly with the wind.”

Yet freedom from restraint simply put it at the __11__ of the unsympathetic wind.It dropped ungracefully to the ground and landed __12__ a mass of weeds.“Free at last”,free to __13__ powerless,and __14__ helpless along the ground,and to lodge lifeless against the first obstruction.

__15__ like kites we sometimes are!The Heaven gives us adversity ,__16__ and rules to follow __17__ we can gain strength.Restraint is a necessary opponent to the winds of opposition.We can never __18__ high enough to achieve our goals if we lose our necessary __19__ or the rules.

Let each of us rise to great heights,__20__ that some of the restraints that we may chafe under are actually the steady force that helps us ascend and achieve.1.A.covered B.fled

C.floated D.filled

2.A.belt B.string

C.wire D.fabric

3.A.weights B.lengths

C.depths D.heights

4.A.backward B.downward

C.upward D.forward

5.A.As B.Because

C.Although D.Now that

6.A.re百度竞价推广bled B.trembled

C.danced D.sang

7.A.dependent B.old

C.free D.strong

8.A.beautifully B.separately

C.simply D.skillfully

9.A.Generally B.Unfortunately

C.Finally D.Really

10.A.tried B.succeeded

C.failed D.managed

11.A.mercy B.risk

C.sight D.expense

12.A.towards B.out

C.in D.on

13.A.sit B.lay

C.stand D.lie

14.A.to be fought B.to be taken

C.to be blown D.to be caught

15.A.How many B.How much

C.How come D.How long

16.A.hopes B.dreams

C.difficulties D.restrictions

17.A.from which B.in which

C.for which D.to which

18.A.rose B.rise

C.stand D.raise

19.A.opponents B.friends

C.assistants D.supporters

20.A.organizing B.admitting

C.recognizing D.recommending



1.D 依据语境,这里描述的是风筝在天空中,所以答案选D。float有非常大的干扰性,但该词意为“漂浮”时,是不及物动词。

2.B 由下文“the restraining string”与“the kites struggled and __6__ against the string”,可知,此处答案选B,string“线,细绳”。

3.D 风筝迎风飘向更高的地方,而不是随风而去,因此答案选D。

4.C 由知识与下文叙述可知,风筝是迎风而上的,所以答案选C,upward“向上,往上”。backward“向后”;downward“向下”;forward“向前”,均不符合句意。

5.A as“当……时候”,引导时间状语从句。故答案选A。

6.B 这里描述的是风筝摆动着身体上升的样子,所以答案选B。re百度竞价推广ble“类似”;dance“跳舞”;sing“唱歌”,均不符合语境。

7.C 既然是“Let me go!”那样此处应该是“我想获得自由”,因此答案选C。

8.A 句意为“即便是在摆脱风筝线控制时,它们依旧在漂亮地飞翔”。依据句意,答案选beautifully。separately“单独地”;simply“容易地”;skillfully“巧妙地”,均不符合语境。

9.C 联系全文语境可知,此处答案选C。generally“大体上”;unfortunately“不幸地”;really“真的地”,均不符合语境。

10.B 由下文“Free at last”可判断,此处指一只风筝成功地挣脱了细绳,因此答案选B。

11.A 由语境可知,挣脱了细绳,获得了自由的风筝,完全处于无情的风的摆布下。因此答案选A,at the mercy of“任由……摆布”。at the risk of“冒……危险”;at the sight of“一看见……”;at the expense of“以……为代价”,均不符合语境。

12.C 此处指风筝落在杂草丛中,所以应用介词in。

13.D 此处答案选D,lie“处于……状况”,而不是stand“耸立”。

14.C 依据语境,这里表示风筝无助地任风沿着地面将其吹走,因此答案选C。

15.B 此处作者有感而发:有时大家多么像风筝啊!所以答案选B,how much表示程度。

16.D 选项中的difficulty和adversity是同一范畴,而这里指的是上文所说的束缚,因此答案选D。

17.A which引导定语从句,其先行词是“adversity,__16__ and rules”,介词from表示出处。

18.B 依据语境,这里说的是像风筝一样往高处飞,因此答案B。下文“rise to great heights”也有暗示。

19.A 从上文“adversity,__16__ and rules”可以判断,此处表示假如大家失去对手和规则,大家就不可以达到我们的目的,因此答案选A,意为“对手”。

20.C 句意为“让大家提高我们的高度,并认识到:有的可能会令大家恼怒的约束,事实上是帮大家提高自我和获得成功的动力”。依据句意,答案选C。


The least successful tourist on record is Mr.Nicholas Scotti who lived in San Francisco in the United States.In 1977 he decided to visit Rome in Italy because that was where his family originally came from.

He went to the airport in San Francisco and got on a plane which was going to Italy.However,because the plane had to make a fuel sTOP,it landed at Kennedy Airport in New York.Thinking that he had arrived,Mr.Scotti got off and spent two days in New York,believing that he was in Rome.

While he was wandering around the city,the great traveler could not help noticing that many of Rome's famous and ancient landmarks had disappeared.This must be due to modernization,he thought to himself.

Mr.Scotti,who spoke very little English,asked a policeman the way to the bus station.Naturally he spoke to the policeman in Italian.As chance would have it,the policeman replied in Italian because he,too,was an Italian immigrant who had only arrived in America a few years earlier.

Mr.Scotti then saw around New York for twelve hours in a bus.Eventually the bus driver handed him over to another policeman.Unfortunately,this policeman did not speak Italian and Mr.Scotti got very annoyed and wanted to know why an Italian policeman could not speak Italian.

Finally,even when the policeman told him that he was not in Italy but was in New York,Mr.Scotti refused to believe him.“I can't be in New York,” he said.“I must be in Rome.Look at the way people drive here.only Italians can drive like that!”

1.The reason why Mr.Scotti is the least successful tourist is that ________.

A.he lacked common sense

B.he had very bad luck

C.he was too clever to believe others

D.Italians are usually foolish

答案与分析:A 推理判断题。从全文可知,他在纽约很长时间却还坚持觉得自己在罗马,可见他缺少知识。

2.What happened to Scotti's plane in New York?

A.It broke down.

B.It needed repairing.

C.It needed oil filling.

D.It sTOPped to pick up more passengers.

答案与分析:C 细则理解题。从第二段中的“because the plane had to make a fuel sTOP”可知答案。

3.Mr.Scotti couldn't see Rome's famous landmarks,______.

A.which he thought wonderful

B.which made him very angry

C.which he considered reasonable

D.so he realized that he was not in Rome

答案与分析:C 推理判断题。从第三段可知Mr.Scotti 看不到罗马且古老的标志,以为是现代化让罗马发生了变化,他觉得这合乎情理;但事实上他根本不是在罗马,而是在纽约。

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